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Pressure ulcer refers to soft tissue ulceration and necrosis due to a blood circulation disorder, local sustained ischemia, hypoxia and malnutrition caused by long term pressure on local tissue. According to the literature, there are about 60 thousand people annually who died of complications related to pressure ulcers, and the rate of pressure ulcers for those with spinal cord injuries is as high as 25%.

Both the “Jingxiang” (Static Enjoyment) series of bedsore-preventing mattresses, “Zhidong” (Intelligent Motion) series of intelligent pressure monitoring mattresses can be used for preventive intervention, reducing work intensity for nursing staff, reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers in hospitals, institutions and households. Intelligent Pressure Monitoring Pad.

Manual moving of patients, or improper handling may cause excessive strain on the medical staff and secondary injuries to patients. Safe moving is designed, particularly, for the nursing staff to move patients. Operation is simple and easy to use, it can improve the quality of nursing on patients, improve nursing operation, reduce work intensity for nursing staff, improve their work efficiency, and provide patients with more activity opportunities.


For postoperative patients and disabled people, it is very important how they can go to the toilet and take a bath, both safely and with dignity. There are many painful lessons every year, that so many shocking cases of aged people died from falling in the bathroom, remind us that a safe and humanized bathroom environment is so important. Meddo Medical Company is devoted to provide professional, safe and humanized, integrated bathroom products for disabled, postoperative patients and aged people. We can help people who are difficult to move, to obtain beautiful, safe and independent bathroom space.


According to the WHO, neonatal deaths account for 45% of the total deaths of children below the age of five. The vast majority of neonatal deaths occur in the first week of life, while 25%-45% occur in the first 24 hours. Neonatal deaths are, mainly, caused by premature birth and low birth weight, infection, asphyxia (hypoxia upon birth), birth injury, etc.

For newborns, whose respiratory illness changes, the comprehensive noninvasive respiratory support and detection system provided by Meddo Medical Company can change ventilation methods without changing the ventilator, thus applicable to various stages of disease, as far as possible, to meet the needs of the whole course of treatment.

Hospitals and Elder Care institutions are places with gathered patients, where various bacteria, viruses and resistant strains, are easy to spread in air, contact and urine, and cause cross infections between the patients and the nursing staff, increasing the patients’ pain and causing unnecessary economic burden.

The new generation of inpatient area cleaning and disinfection overall solutions, can clean and disinfect automatically and completely. They not only offer a clean and tidy ward environment to the hospitals and institutions, but also do efficient safe disinfection, reducing the work intensity of the nursing staff, effectively blocking the spread of drug resistant bacteria, multidrug resistant bacteria, so it is a wise choice of institutions/hospitals/rehabilitation nursing centers.