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Safe transporter

Product Name: Transfer Chair (Standing aid) products

Product Description:

Transfer Chair (Standing aid) products

Standing assistance products are designed for patients recovering from diseases. It is easy to operate and convenient, comfortable and safe. It gives more respect to the patients when they are standing and transferring.

* Size: 626mm x 805mm x 1092mm (length x width x height)

* Hooked safety belt provides a full-scale brace to make patients/ elderly feel more comfortable and relieved;

* It transfers users to the washroom or shower easily; the patient only needs to stand up & sit down.

* Leg and knee support pad provides reliable support to users;

* Castors can be locked and the lower chassis can help the whole transfer progress safely. It reaches a patient bed and wheelchair easily.

User-friendly and with ergonomic design, it is excellent to transfer a patient a short distance. Patients will feel comfortable & stable when they are standing or transferring. It is able to provide extensive nursing assistance, easy to use and operate. The maximum safety loading is 120KG.



Product Description:

The stylish Server rollator has a unique triangular structure ensuring a steady frame design. It is among the lightest and easiest to turn, 150Kg safety loading. The server folds easily and stays with a simple locking system that ensures convenient carrying and storage. It is equipped with light wheels, covered by thermoplastic elastomer, and has a movable woven shopping bag. Also includes a safe cushion, which allows the elderly and disabled to rest at any time. The push handles are easily height adjustable in a range of 63cm to 102cm.