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Medin CNO®


Medin-CNO non-invasive high-frequency ventilator, comprehensive noninvasive respiratory support and monitoring of newborns.

The operation mode includes:

  - Noninvasive high-frequency oscillating ventilation, nCPAP;

  - -Simultaneous bi-level positive pressure ventilation, Apnea CPAP

A single pipeline system can provide different modes of ventilation. No need to change over to provide an effective and convenient treatment.


Product Description:

Medin-CNO may only be used in combination with simultaneous and constant hemodynamic monitoring of the patient, only by trained medical personnel, and only during clinical use. The available modes are:

 nCPAP: Medin-CNO provides a basic CPAP for neonates and premature infants including leakage compensation.

 Apnea CPAP: Apnea CPAP mode combines basic CPAP with apnea detection, alarm and a backup-function, in case of apnea.

 NIPPV: Medin-CNO provides CPAP based synchronized pressure support, as well as, apnea monitoring, including backup function.

 High flow: The oscillation mode MedinCNO applies high frequency oscillation modulation to a basic CPAP