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Barrier-Free Bathroom / Toilet


Product Description:

Designed to make bathing a pleasurable and safe experience for the disabled, elderly and anyone who needs easy operation. It is suitable for the elderly, disabled patients to keep users safe from slipping. Not only for nursing homes, also for hospitals, and private families to use. Units can be folded to save space. X, Y axis are adjustable. Integrated rail design, easy to clean and maintain. Fire resistance complies with CA117. Available grades include Basic (wall mount, fixed height), Standard (height adjustable), and Luxurious (XY adjustable, mount on track) to fulfill different needs.

Barrier-free bath series

  • Barrier-Free Shower Chair with Backrest and Armrest
  • Barrier-Free Arm Rest
  • Barrier-free electric moveable wash basin
  • I&C Electric Lifting Wash Basin
  • Barrier-Free Shower Chair with Backrest and Armrest
  • Barrier-Free Arm Rest
  • Barrier-free electric moveable wash basin
  • I&C Electric Lifting Wash Basin
  • Barrier-Free Shower Chair with Backrest and Armrest

    Installed on horizontal track, the track is fastened to supporting wall;

    Handles and seat can be folded to save space;

    Backrest and seat are adjustable height; can be fixed at a desired position vertically;

    Material: high-strength aluminum alloy and flexible plastics;

    Maximum loading of seat: 150kg; Maximum loading of handles: 45kg;

    Suitable for: disabled or the elderly;

  • Barrier-Free Arm Rest

    Installed on a horizontal track, it has an unimpeded rotational structure;

    Used in toilets, or places requiring convenient support;

    Suitable for the elderly, disabled and patients;

    Can be folded and to save space;

    Material: high-strength aluminum alloy and flexible plastics;

    Maximum loading: 135kg

  • Barrier-free electric moveable wash basin

    Generally, the armrest is installed on a track , 250mm from the ground;

    Adjustable height is 670mm-920mm, measured from the ground to the upper edge of the armrest;

    Input voltage: AC 220V;

    Operation voltage: DC 24V;

    Dimension: 900x900x600mm (when equipped with 900mm track)


    This electric lifting washbasin can be adjusted to the required height of each user. Also, it can be adjusted to the left or right vertically, so the user can use wash basin, whether sitting or standing.

  • I&C Electric Lifting Wash Basin

    No matter children and elderly, they can easily operate independently. Adjustable height with the wireless remote control function can fit any user.


    Electric lifting; safety motion sensing; rapid up or down;ECO energy saving; wide adjustable range;wireless remote; quiet;user identifies height; PVC free


    Mirror, water-tap (Standard config), automatic sensing water-tap (contact or sensor); washbasin; hand washing liquid pump; body sensing; safety distance sensor;

Barrier-free shower chair

  • TR1000
  • TR2000/TR3000
  • TR9650 Mobile Patient Bath Lifts
  • TR1000
  • TR2000/TR3000
  • TR9650 Mobile Patient Bath Lifts
  • TR1000

    Deluxe Shower Chair TR1000- Comfortable Battery Powered with Tilting Function TR 1000 battery powered shower chair ensures efficient and safety handling of patient for assisted showering, transferring and toileting. With electrically height-adjustablity, tiltable and ergonomic, it is specifically designed and manufactured for safe in-patient hospital use. Hand control or footrest control can adjust the height and tilting of the chair, the user will be easy to position, per practical needs, and set to an accessible height. During operation, it is comfortable and safe for the user and the caregiver. The chair has good stability, it helps with the transferring and showering work in an easy way. The armrests are shaped for the user to feel secure and the headrest provides support when reclining. Also TR 1000 can be used for other tasks such as transportation and pedicure.


    ■ Integrated design with smooth castors, separate battery pack, remote control, bed pan support, leg rest units, armrests, column design, headrest & forward tilting.

    ■Operates with most sling hoists and standing / raising aids, make transportation smooth and safe.

    ■ Ease toileting, seat and chassis design to allow direct toileting; just position over general toilet or attach a bed pan to the chair.

    ■ Designed for stability and ease in mobility and transfers. The rear chair design features a smooth surface for ease of cleaning.

    ■ Shower chair to be equipped with an adjustable headrest for head and neck comfort, support and security

    ■ Foldable armrests with grip knobs for residents comfort and safety

    ■ Shower chair equipped with emergency stop

    ■ Shower chair equipped with four twin castors with brakes for safe and easy patient transport

    ■ Safety belt – Belt over the hip feature, safety for patient.

    ■ All electronics on the Shower Chair to be in protection class IPX6 or higher

    ■ Clean design of chassis and chair, allows easy to clean, transfer, showering & toileting.

    ■ Seating surfaces shall be made of a soft, durable material that is non water absorbent, easy to clean, disinfectable and comfortable to sit on

    ■ Anti-corrosion treatment on all sheet metal parts

    ■ Footrest - adjustable and foldable foot rest ensures security and comfort for residents (option).

  • TR2000/TR3000

    TR2000 Hydrulic Shower Trolleys

    TR hydraulic shower trolley meets all your hygiene and work safety related needs with assisted showering. This height adjustable shower trolley is unique with its side mounted column, allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy transfer, ensures efficient and safe patient handling, and is available in three different lengths; pediatric, standard, and long. This shower trolley can be used for many different purposes such as showering, dressing and nursing.


    ■ Air spring control handle

    ■ Inclination of shower trolley can be adjusted easily

    ■ Sweden design

    ■ Underframe with low center of gravity makes it stable and safe

    ■ Side column makes moves with the shower trolley making it more convenient

    ■ The trolley stretcher drains at both ends, allowing the person to be positioned in either direction.

    TR3000 Battery Operated Shower Trolleys:

    The electric/hydraulic height adjustable bed, enables the nursing staff to find the most efficient and convenient working height and keeps the attendants hands free to serve the patient.

    TR3000 is equipped with belt driven high/low device. It is quiet, smooth and free from sudden movements. The height adjustment is driven by two high capacity rechargeable batteries; when charging is needed an audible tone sounds.

    TR2000 shower rollaway bed has foldable side rails for safe patient transfer and caregiver attendance; side rails on the caregiver’s side are foldable 180 degrees down for easier access during patient transfer. Hydraulic foot pump operated for raising and lowering to assure hands free operation for caregivers. Side mounted column design to allow the stretcher to overlap the bed for a safe and easy patient transfer.

  • TR9650 Mobile Patient Bath Lifts

    TR 9650 is a mobile bath lift that is designed to easily convert to different configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs of patients and residents, in both acute and long term care environments. Whether in the standing, seated or recumbent position, the TR 9650 provides a dignified, complete solution for residents needing aid getting in and out of bathtubs. Easy access and comfortable padded seating surfaces ensure a pleasant bathing experience.

    Ergonomically designed hand grips and safety belts provide security and assurance for both the attendant and the resident being bathed. It can be converted between a bath lift chair or a stretcher configuration easily, so individual patient bathing and lifting needs can be addressed efficiently by the caregiver.


    ■ Seating and stretcher surfaces made of comfortable soft & durable material that is non water absorbent, which is easy to clean.

    ■ Removable side parts allow simple configuration from chair to stretcher.

    ■ The safety armrest on both sides of the chair and stretcher can be folded away for easy access and moved back once the bather is in position.

    ■ The leg configuration is designed for easy, individual approach onto the chair or stretcher.

    ■ A low chassis is designed for easy access under beds and baths.

    ■ Foot operated lifting system for raising and lowering to assure hands free operation for caregivers.

    ■ Patients have the possibility to be lifted from the floor or beds with the mobile bath lift.

    ■ A safety stop engages automatically if the chair or stretcher is lowered onto any surface or obstacle.

    ■ Automated fall stops in case of component malfunction.

    ■ Magnetic battery charger connection designed to prevent damage should the connection accidentally not be unplugged, as well as, make charging a simpler task.

    ■ Audible low battery tone.

    ■ Ready for use after unpacking and comes complete with battery charger and safety belt.

    ■ TR 9650 can be used together with almost all supine bathtubs and therapy tanks. An optional spacer can be obtained for improving the location of the bath lift in the tub.

    Additional features:

    ■ Foot activated emergency stop.

    ■ High capacity re-chargeable batteries.

    ■ Large castors with locks and straight steering