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The combination of targeted injury training and exercise feedback is the perfect combination of objective evaluation and active training. The combination of feedback from exercise processes and result feedback improves the patients' movement, cognition and ontology feeling comprehensively, promotes rehabilitation and improves quality of life. The kinematic parameters are measured in real time with a flexible fabric sensor designed to provide a full range of assessment and training of range of motion, speed, accuracy, and motion synchronicity. Equipment is lightweight and portable, can be used interchangeably in the rehabilitation room, ward and other environments; each joint device has an ergonomic design, easy to wear, fits a variety of body type patients. With a variety of fun game training programs, according to the patient's motor function to develop personalized training difficulty, and can be single-finger, fingers, hands, multiplayer training, and so on.
Smart touch is light and compact, easy to carry, it can apply to a variety of environments, such as rehabilitation room, the treatment room, and so on;
Designed to provide a full range of assessment and training of exercise range, speed, accuracy and synchronicity.