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Smart Mattress


Integrated macro sensor used to track/analyze the quality of sleep, it collects the signs of sleeping, analyzes data and generates a diagnosis report automatically. Provides sleeping data for your family members, at any time.


Respiratory Rate Monitoring/ Heart Rate Monitoring/ Body Movement Induction/ Off-bed Induction

Patented "X" hollow fibrous layer

360° overall ergonomic design

Comfortable sleeping experience

Highly breathable and waterproofing bedspread

Separates liquid contamination

Breathable and non-stuffy

Exclusive off-bed induction system

Provides a safer night time care service

Intelligent technology

With many years of clinical care experience

Combining elderly care with high technologies

Non-wear sleep monitoring system

Built-in ultra-low-power sensor

Monitoring your general physical characteristics when sleeping


Connect with numerous mobile apps,

for data collection and monitoring

Powerful online "cloud" database

Automatic data comparison and generates diagnostic reports

Pushes notices of expected physiological changes

Easy-to-use mobile app

Allow monitoring by multi-users simultaneously


Elderly nursing institutes / Medical user / Rehabilitation institutions

Application Scenarios:




Meddo has many years in the clinical care field; we design the Smart mattress from fundamental requirements. The system adopts a Cloud database, links with ultra low power consumption sensors, contains powerful features, easy to operate, user-friendly, satisfy the needs of elderly care and hospital management. So, it is a reliable helping system for managers.




"Family Cloud Care" sends the data of the smart mattress to a a remote smart care system and the package of services to the home of elders free of charge, so that they can be taken care of in a familiar environment securely and comfortably. The family can retrieve the health conditions of their parents by just a click of the app.