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Pressure Sore Prevention Foam Mattress


Product Description:

Pressure sores refers to severe degeneration of blood circulation due to constant pressure on certain soft body tissues, leading to insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin and subcutaneous tissues. This causes a lack of oxygen and blood in certain soft tissues and then loss of normal physiological functions, as well as, gradual necrosis and ulceration of these tissues. Pressure sores are normally caused by long-term immobilization, spinal cord injury, chronic neurological diseases (mainly cerebrovascular diseases), physical weakness and numerous wasting diseases. Because of improper care, the morbidity rate of pressure sores is high, the course develops rapidly, and are hard to be cured. Therefore, care for pressure sores is extremely important.

Meddo provides a high quality, comfortable foam mattress that prevents patients from developing pressure sores. It provides a comfortable feeling and minimizes the formation of pressure ulcers. It distributes pressure to lower risk areas, such as the thighs, lesser trochanters and along the periphery of the buttocks. The mattress can be used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and also at home.

Features of mattress:

■ Castellations of variable depths covering head, shoulder, torso, calves and heels – create five zones of protection.

■ Largest contact area with patient body and provides great support. Improves clinical utility.

■ Fits the shape of the user’s body; reduces any high pressure possibility on apophasis.

■ Maintains air flow to reduce heat and moisture development, to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

■ No electrical requirement, keeps the user safe.

■ Complies with the international standard of fire resistance

■ CPR applicable, X-ray compatible

■ Different kinds of hardness on two sides, both sides are usable

■ With fiber mattress, no power consumption, noise-free, maintenance-free, and outperforming airbed.

■ Dimensions are customizable

■ High-performing foam, reducing sinking possibility; outstanding lifetime

■ Environment-friendly and recyclable

Features of the covering:

■ Material: PU, Two way-stretch elastic fabric, soft

■ Waterproof surface coating, vapor permeable, breathable, antibacterial, antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and fungistatic tested.

■ The cover and zipper are produced by high-temperature pressing

■ Easy to clean, and durable; Complies with fire resistant standard CA117.